Solid Stud Earrings

Solid Stud Earrings Manufacturer Gold Indonesian

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Suharto, an excellent jewelry agency of Indonesia. He is good at finding the jewelry market trend.

14K Gold and Solid Stud Earrings is considered as a perfect matching to him. He does not hesitate and asks us to place an order of this Solid Stud Earrings Manufacturer Gold  Indonesian

for him.

Solid Stud Earrings with a classic basket setting that either men or women can wear. These Solid Stud Earrings are of a craftsmanship you expect in the finest jewelry. These secure, sturdy earrings are perfect for every day wear with a traditional styling that everyone should have in their jewelry wardrobe. They are equally appropriate in an office, at a cocktail party, or working around the house. Sleep, swim, play, live in them!

Our stud earrings have the added security of a screw-on back for the extra reassurance that your precious jewels will not get lost. Screw the back to the post with a turning motion, much more secure than a push-on back! To put on, hold the earring back behind the lobe, and turn the earring from the front. Allowing you to tighten them to your own personal comfort.

Suharto would like to share some knowledge of earrings.

Most earrings are metallic, and some may be stone, wood. Or other similar hard materials. Earrings worn on the earlobe. The style is rich, and is mainly for women. And some men also wear it. There are three ways to wear it: wear it in the ear hole; hold the earlobe with a reed; or fix it with a screw. It is usually made of gold and silver, and there are also pendants inlaid with jade or hanging beads. Modern earrings made of plastic or marble, ceramics, etc. It is also popular.

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Solid Stud Earrings


Solid Stud Earrings