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Chew, as one of the most famous jewelry companies in Singapore. He thinks highly of the men jewelry market recently. That is why he wants us to produce a ring for men. He wants to invest in the men jewelry market. It is a bold behavior. Finally we made this Simulated Band Micropave Ring Manufacturer Singaporean for him. He is very satisfied with it.

We adopt 18k gold plated on premium brass material. Which is unlike the alloy cheaper rings and cubic zirconia stone with ideal hardness and wear ability, hypoallergenic and lead/nickel free. Perfect clarity, fine-cut, and color grade to showcase sophisticated technique and reflect fascinating sparkle. The Simulated Band Micropave Ring sparkles from multiple angles of cubic zirconia and create breathtaking reflections.

This Simulated Band Micropave Ring are very real looking and sparkly. It looks nicely when you wear it as an anniversary band, eternity band, as a statement ring, or as a right hand fashion ring. Good quality and craftsmanship are best choice to costume for party and as a gift to your husband.

Chew wants to share some interesting information about ring.

The hands of wearing a ring are different, and the psychology is different. For example, if you like to wear a ring on your index finger, it means that you have a personal opinion. Wearing the middle finger is a more formal way to wear it. It is worn on the little finger and thumb, but it is usually worn only as an accessory.

Wearing a different type of ring will also reflect different psychological characteristics. Such as men who like to wear a silver ring, the temperament is mild and easy to accommodate and communicate others. Men who like to wear gold rings pay attention to their interests and have a shrewd mind. Men who like to wear jade have certain strength, focus on quality, and be more rigorous.

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Simulated Band Micropave Ring Simulated Band Micropave Ring  Simulated Band Micropave Ring