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Chun Wu, he is from Brunei,a local jewelry shopkeeper. He focus on the wedding series jewelry product. This Engagement Rings Set Bruneians Manufacturer is a great option for him.

Women love to feel valued. This Unique and Authentic piece of Engagement Rings Set will be a great idea to show her how valuable she is to you. This is perfect for Engagement, Wedding, Marriage, Bridal, Promise, Statement, Anniversary. Includes a Beautiful and Cute Black Velvet Ring Box.

Cubic Zirconia equivalent to a perfect “D” on diamond’s color grading scale and have higher light dispersion than diamonds. This means Greater Shining in each stone. Heart Shaped Brilliant Cut in Main Stone Size Width 7 mm 1.25 Carats. Total of 55 Stones.

Of course, Cubic Zirconia is more affordable than diamonds. These days, manufacturing of these stones has advanced until get Top Quality Results with Great Shine and refraction properties. Also the White Gold Plating 18K is a great quality alternative for get a luxury Piece of Engagement Rings Set With High Shine and Durability without you have to expense thousands of dollars.

Chun Wu figures out some easy ways to help customers recognize Cubic Zirconia and diamond. Just in case you are cheated by some businessmen.

  1. If you draw a line on the paper, put the “diamond” on the paper. If you can see the line through the “diamond”, it is not a diamond. Because the diamond will reflect 100% of the light. You can’t see anything.
  2. To the ore, the gas spreads very quickly. The surface of the diamond is very smooth, it can’t hold water and condensate.
  3. Carefully observe the ore with a magnifying glass. If you can observe some small flaws inside the ore. Then this is a real diamond. Unless this is a very perfect diamond (almost impossible). Fake diamonds are always very pure and clear.
  4. If there is a high-end equipment, it can be observed by ultraviolet light. If it can change color, it is a real diamond, because the real diamond is responsive to ultraviolet light.

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Engagement Rings Set Engagement Rings Set