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Culture Pearl Pendant 14K Yellow Gold

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Mohamad ,a jewelry company manager from Malaysia. He shows great interest in pearl jewelry. That was why we recommended him this Culture Pearl Pendant 14K Yellow Gold. He thought this was his favourite type. And he accepted it.

The 14K Yellow and White Culture Pearl Pendant make a great combinations. And pair off excellent in color combination. The 14K yellow gold Culture Pearl Pendant is intentionally pointed and set alongside the white 8-9mm pearl. The out of round shape shows the true character of the white pearl with its high quality. Appreciate the overall value of the high quality and true craftsmanship of the White 14K Yellow Gold Culture Pearl Pendant.

THE PERFECT PRESENT: You’ll take her breath away when she unwraps and opens your gift of this beautiful pendant. This sophisticated luxury pendant is perfect for a wedding day gift, a gift for moms. Or a happy birthday gift. Surprise someone you love with this pretty and stylish present!

Mohamad would like to give some useful tips for his guests to keep their pearl jewelry well.

1, Try not to wear pearls to bathe and exercise. Because moisture will seep from the beads to the beads, which will easily cause the beads to detach. If the pearl is inadvertently exposed to water, it should be dried with a dry cloth. And then placed in a ventilated place to dry.

2, Do not expose the pearl to long-term exposure or store it in a hot place. The best storage temperature for pearls is 18-26 °C.

3, Cosmetics are very harmful to pearls. So it is best for girls who love beauty to wear makeup first. And then wear pearl jewelry. In addition, you should use a soft dry cloth to wipe the pearls. Do not let the sweat or the oil secreted by the human body stay on the surface of the pearl for a long time.

4, Do not put pearls and sharp objects together to avoid scratching the bead.

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Culture Pearl Pendant Culture Pearl Pendant Culture Pearl Pendant