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NAI, a jewelry company boss from Thailand. He tended to produce a series of high level jewelry. So we prepared a Diamond Couture Cluster Pendant Manufacturer for him. He loved it very much.

A ROMANTIC GIFT IDEA for the gorgeous ladies, women or girl. Consider Yellow GOLD Couture Cluster Pendant as The Best Gift for Her.

FEATURING 0.20 CARAT OF DIAMONDS in Women Diamond Couture Cluster Pendant with Necklace Chain.

GRACEFULLY CRAFTED IN 14K YELLOW GOLD Pendant, a mind-pleasing piece of Diamond Jewelry that will fill warmth into the heart of the wearer. It is graceful, light weight & robust. And it can use for daily wear for any special occasion. It is adorable so this Couture Cluster Pendant for women during any celebrations.

NAI adores the prong setting craftsmanship.

Many people pay less attention to the diamond inlay process. In fact,inlay process has a great influence on the jewelry. The most classic inlay process is the prong setting. The prong setting process is the most common setting method. And it can best bring out the beauty of the elegant sparkle of diamonds.

The prong setting style is the most popular diamond style on the market. The metal claws hold the diamond tightly. The prong setting can be divided into six-prong setting, four-prong setting and three-prong setting. Nowadays, the diamond ring is popular with the six-claw crown. The princess diamond can be set with four-prong setting. The large diamond also takes two small claws and forms a claw.

The prong setting style is like a suit. And it is suitable for any hand type without having to try it on. Other styles must be tried on the enamel. The prong-setting style makes the diamond cut expose more surface. So the diamond has the best brilliance.

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Couture Cluster Pendant Couture Cluster Pendant Couture Cluster Pendant