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U Nu, he is a good jewelry agent in Burma. He wants to sell a Cross Necklace Burmese Custom Wholesale to the religious believer. It must be a great market.

Eden is an ideal paradise and spiritual totem for human beings. And this Cross Necklace design philosophy embodies the emotional exploration and self cognition for family, lovers and themselves. People are eager to return to the innocent, quiet and happy life from this hustle and bustle society. And pursuring the tranquil and peaceful world of Eden. We advised you buy the rose Gold Cross Necklace.

The green leaves symbolize the rebirth and hope. We trust god that he can hear our pious prayer. This faith gives us confidence in the future of life.

A holy gift of Cross Necklace for mom, wife, girl,girlfriend, best friend, daughter or yourself on special day.

U Nu is interested in the Amethyst.

Amethyst is from Greek. Meaning “not easy to break”. It is the most expensive member of the crystal family. It is transparent. And it has obvious pleochroism when observed under a dichroic mirror. Precautions Most of the naturally formed gemstones are stable in color and nature. But the purple color of amethyst is not the most stable state. Amethyst is easy to leg color when exposed to high temperature baking or long-term exposure. And even becomes more stable light yellow. Therefore, high temperature and exposure should be avoided when wearing and storing. The melted prajna was soaked for 1 day every 3 months with a filter spoon. When the collectors are curing, they use them to see the roots and piles growing on the raft. Amethyst has crystal clear, color and generous. It is very suitable for women to wear. Adding a bit of solemnity and elegance.

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Cross Necklace Cross Necklace

Cross Necklace