Coated Stud Earrings

Coated Stud Earrings 14K Gold East Timor

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A successful jewelry wholesaler in East Timor, Ruak, he has many targets for this year. He wants to make his company greater in jewelry market. That is why he wants to make a Coated Stud Earrings 14K Gold East Timor. To him, a better jewelry product means a better chance.

All our Coated Stud Earrings are made from surgical stainless steel, which is vacuum electroplated with 14k gold. They won’t tarnish even when they come in contact with water/sweat. Our Coated Stud Earrings sport sturdy backings that will not fall off, making them ideal for kids. Plus we added a free bonus extra plastic backs. So she can play without worrying of loosing her earrings!

Coated Stud Earrings are the perfect gift whether it’s Mother’s Day, a Birthday, an Anniversary, or any time you want a great gift for the girl of the hour- these studs are bound to make anyone smile in joy. Give a sparkling gift that is guaranteed to be loved and cherished.

Ruak knows that most customers are not familiar with the tanzanite and sapphire, so he decides to popularize the knowledge for us.

First, tanzanite is cheaper than sapphire; secondly, tanzanite is more colorful than sapphire. Most sapphires are grayish or blackish, while tanzanite is more blue; third, tanzanite is “bigger” than sapphire, and 1-2 carats of sapphire are larger. Tanzanite has more than a dozen carats; fourth, most of the tanzanites are cleaner and clearer, and the impurities of sapphire are better.

Of course, tanzanite is also inferior to sapphire, which is that ordinary people do not know enough about it. This is because Tanzanite was discovered late, and historical accumulation and cultural accumulation are not enough.

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Coated Stud Earrings

Coated Stud Earrings