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As a well-known jewelry agency in Cameroon, Paul. He has impressive insight for jewelry.

After having a look at the Gold Clip Earrings Cameroonian OEM Customized Jewelry Factory, Jewelry Manufacturer. It is an amazing product that impresses him.

Customized Gold Clip Earrings that can be worn reversibly. An excellent customized Gold Clip Earrings item that you can enjoy in many ways, such as asymmetry or putting two on one ear.

With a customized Gold Clip Earrings design that can also be used for styling the ear cuff, styling that can be worn on the ear cartilage is recommended.

Layer your earrings and earrings and gather your eyes at your ears.

In daily life, we often see white diamonds. In fact, in addition to white diamonds, there are also colorful diamonds. What is the difference between white diamonds and colored diamonds? Take a look together.

What is the difference between white diamond and colored diamond?

First of all, the color is different. White diamonds are colorless diamonds. The closer to colorless, the better quality of white diamonds will be. Colored diamonds are different. Colored diamonds are colorful diamonds, such as yellow diamonds, or rare pink diamonds and blue diamonds.

Secondly, the price is different. Although the price of diamonds is expensive, white diamonds are available for thousands of pieces. But colored diamonds are different because the output of colored diamonds is very small. Especially the red diamonds and blue diamonds. The rarer the color is, the higher the price will be.

Last but not least, hierarchical emphasis is different. Although all diamonds are graded according to the internationally accepted 4C standard. However, compared to white diamonds, colored diamonds pay more attention to color division and labeling. The color grades of colored diamonds are divided into more detailed aspects such as color, chroma, and hue to rate. The price will be higher and more precious.

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Gold Clip Earrings Gold Clip Earrings