Brightest Flower Ring

Brightest Flower Ring Cambodian Customized Factory OEM 925 Silver Necklace


Norodom, a jewelry manager in an Asian jewelry company. He is from Cambodia. Who came up with an idea of Brightest Flower Ring Cambodian Customized Factory OEM 925 Silver Necklace. Which is an excellent product.

Customized brightest Flower Ring combines the original motif crossing star with the center of the petals. Platinum diamond sparkles in a fresh gold flower of a customized Brightest Flower Ring.

Today, let ’s take a look at the cause of colored diamonds and how to evaluate the value of colored diamonds.

Firstly, Causes of colored diamond colors

The reason why diamonds show different colors is because diamonds contain different chemical trace elements and deform the internal crystal structure during the generation process.

Blue diamond: light blue, brilliant blue. During the formation of the diamond, it absorbs trace elements of boron and the diamond appears blue.

Red diamond: pink, red. During the formation of the diamond, the lattice structure is distorted, making the diamond appear red.

Green diamond: light green, brilliant green. The reason for the formation of green diamonds is due to the change in lattice structure due to natural radiation.

Black diamond: The cause of color formation is caused by the inclusions of dark content.

Secondly, How can we evaluate the value of colored diamonds

The charm of colored diamonds comes from the unique and rare colors. The color rarity and the intensity of the colors determine the value of colored diamonds. The more rare the color of colored diamonds, the higher the color grade, the higher the value. The stronger the color The higher the saturation, the higher the value.

Factors such as clarity, cut, and weight for evaluating a diamond are not among the first considerations. For this reason, colored diamonds have the highest value in the rare red series, followed by blue and green series, and black diamonds have the lowest value.

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Brightest Flower Ring