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Planet Design Bangle Canadian Customized Jewelry Wholesaler And OEM Service. As one of hot sale products of Justin’s company. Especially it is very popular in Canada. He is loving it.

A customized Planet Design Bangle inspired by “planet” with the curves and overlap of bullion. The silver with a casual customized Planet Design Bangle impression has a beautiful finish and beautiful space created by skilled craftsman, giving it a modern finish suitable for adult girls.

In addition to common white diamonds, diamonds also have colorful diamonds. They are dazzling and charming in color. Today we will look at what colorful diamonds are and how to choose colorful diamonds.

What are colorful diamonds?

The most common colorful diamonds are golden yellow, brown, and green. Others such as pink, red, and blue are rare. And their price will be higher. Yellow diamonds have become very popular in recent years. And the price is the lowest among colorful diamonds, but it is higher than white diamonds. Newcomers who do not like white diamonds but have a limited budget can consider choosing yellow diamonds.

How to buy colorful diamonds?

Because colorful diamonds are a type of diamond, and the quality of colorful diamonds is also affected by the diamond 4C standard. The size, clarity, cutting and white diamond standards are the same. Just it is different in color. The color of white diamonds is from D to Z. The more obvious the color looks like, the lower the diamond value will be. It is opposite for colorful diamonds: as the intensity and purity of colors increase, so does their value. Large, brightly colorful diamonds are extremely rare and precious.

Colorful diamonds are divided into burned and non-burned type. Burning refers to heat treatment. Heat treatment is a very important method to improve the color of the gemstone. On the GRS certificate, you see “H”, H stands for heated, heat treated! The same quality of non-burning is more expensive, with burning is cheaper.

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Planet Design Bangle Planet Design Bangle