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Today we are going to talk about ruby.The hot red color of ruby makes people always associate it with passion and love. It is known as the “stone of love” and symbolizes the enthusiasm of fire, the beauty, eternality and firmness of love. Ruby is the birthstone of July. People love ruby and regard it as a symbol of love, enthusiasm and morality, a symbol of glory.

In the international gem market, the bright red ruby is called “male ruby” and the light red is called “female ruby”.When a man has a ruby, he can grasp the power. If a woman has a ruby, she can get the eternal love.Blood red ruby is the most precious type of ruby,which is commonly known as “pigeon blood red.” Its color is bright red and glamorous, and it is called “the crown of red gems”. The magnificent and luxurious ruby is the king of gems.

With the introduction of ruby above,is it an attractive option to use ruby to make your own customized jewelries?For example,ruby customized rings,ruby customized earrings,ruby customized necklaces and so on.What are you waiting for?we can help you.

We are ChingYing,one of the most professional customized jewelries manufacturers in Canton.Here are a few pieces of advice for your ruby customized jewelries.Fashion-Jewellery-Stainless-Steel-Ruby-Titanium-Men


1st,18K Gold Planted Ruby Customized Ring

It is a 925 sterling silver 18k gold planted ruby ring,It is a fashion look design with personalized logo on the shank.that is cool,the ruby is inlaid with prong set.Ruby means enthusiasm and love.This 925 sterling silver 18k gold planted ruby ring is handmade and created by CHINGYING jewelry manufacturer,it is special,it will be suitable for different kind of occasions.Valentine-s-Days-Gift-Statement-Metal-Dangle (2)

2nd,Ruby Customized Lady’s Earring

It is a 925 sterling silver 18k gold planted ruby customized earring.It is a gorgeous design with center stone of ruby surrounded by different color of sapphires,that is shining.Ruby means enthusiasm and love .This 925 sterling silver 18k gold planted ruby customized earring is handmade and created by CHINGYING jewelry manufacturer.this 925 sterling silver 18k gold planted ruby customized earring will be suitable for different kind of occasions.


3rd,Ruby Customized Necklace

It is a rhodium planted ladies fancy customized ruby necklace,it is a simple design with one oval ruby,showing a feeling of generous and decent.Ruby means enthusiasm and love.This rhodium planted ladies fancy customized ruby necklace is handmade and created by CHINGYING jewelry manufacturer,it is gorgeous and luxury design,this rhodium planted ladies fancycustomized ruby necklace will be suitable for different kind of occasions.

Of course,you can change the ruby to other gemstones as long as you want it,you can create a fantastic customized jewelry for yourself,customization is acceptable,besides,you can ask for engraving your own  favorite logo or initial on the ruby customized jewelry,we can do that for you,that is cool. it would be your choose option.Ruby customized jewelry is designed from your fashionable brand —-CHINGYING JEWELRY,one of the most outstanding 925 sterling silver jewelry manufacturers in Canton.

For all this kind of jewelries,even for not mentioned styles above,customization is acceptable for us.We are CHINGYING JEWELRY.We provide customization service.

If you are looking for higher level jewelries,we suggest you select customized gold jewelries with diamonds customized service,it is more expensive and showing noble.If you are going to buy some cheaper jewelries for business,925 sterling silver jewelries with different kind of gemstones customized service would be favourable to you,you can get a good chance to show your beauty with a lower price.Of course,the price is defined by many factors,for example, material,craftsmanship,labour,and so on.If you want more information about customization service and our company,please contact us.

CHINGYING JEWELRY,as one of the most excellent leading jewelry manufacturers in Canton with 100 workers running 3 production lines, monthly capacity reaches 80000 pieces of jewelry,we have the expertise and technology and innovation to provide you with any type of customized jewelry designs and mass productions you need,which can help build up your brand.We have 21 years experiences of jewelry and we use advanced imported machine from Japan & Germany,which sharpen up our technique and skill.we can make different kind of rings.We provide customization service,our price is more competitive than other factories/companies,of course,we can guarantee the high quality of our products but the price will be 30-50% cheaper ,which means we can make your own design ideas come to life in a short time with a lower price,so if you have your favourite design in your mind,You can just contact us and give us the sketch(or your idea), our 3-day CAD design service make sure that you can get what you want soon ,once the CAD process is set,things get easier,the custemed product will be ready for you soon,what you should do is waiting for your present respectfully.

If you need help , welcome to contact with us.