Now China is an important country to supply global jewellery, because now China is constantly researching technology, updating original designs, and striving to do better.

Globally, every country has jewellery manufacturers . Jewelry from Europe quality is high but price too expensive . The mass production countries are now famous in China, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, India and so on. Today we mainly talk about China, if you are looking for a good quality supplier in China.

First of all, do you have to figure out if you want to find jewelry or fashion jewelry? In China, it is divided into 4 major sections, Yiwu, Dongguan and Guangzhou Panyu, Shenzhen. (Other small zeros will not be said)

Yiwu is mainly exporting low-end alloys and stainless steel fashion accessories, which are large in quantity for thousands each item .Very low price ,and you always can find cheaper price ,always!

Dongguan mainly produces stainless steel and copper goods for export and domestic sales. The quality is slightly better than Yiwu. The quantity requires hundreds of each, and the price is cheap and cost-effective.You can find good supplier if you sale jewelry between middle and the low end .

Guangzhou Panyu is mainly in export and domestic 925 sterling silver jewelry, 18K gold goods. Generally, the order quantity is 60-300 pieces or private ordering, and the quality from the middle to the high end, according to individual needs. The same quality price is much cheaper than other countries.come here If you want good quanlity jewelry with better price .

Shenzhen mainly makes domestic sales of K gold goods. It can be done in a few pieces, required quality gold jewelry can looking supperlier from here .

So according to your inquiry , look for different Chinese suppliers. Of course, the actual operation need to work with the suppliers step by step.

If you need helps , welcome to conatct with us .

Post time: Apr-18-2019