On January 17, 2018, founder of China culture, national security experts, in hunan province cultural association changan, united front work department of hunan province, former vice minister, Ann culture research board consultant Zhu Zhenqi line, such as the east of hunan GuYun business group co., LTD. Invite, came to the group company’s silver industry base was investigated, and communication.

    No silver mine has an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan, which makes people feel the peculiar Chinese silver capital — yongxing, renowned around the world.Hunan east GuYun dealer group vice President of silver ornament with AnFu LanChaoHui discussed how to rooted in the fertile soil of culture, Ann the cultural connotation of fusion in the tourism products, at the same time the silver ornament with red cultural tourism products market docking, build good silver ornament, sets up the cultural confidence and belief in a new human spirit quality goods.

    In the cultural power, cultural enterprises continue to deepen today, China’s traditional culture needs to carry forward, silver jewelry culture needs to be inherited.We cannot shirk our responsibility to preserve the traditional culture of our ancestors.Chinese history, Chinese traditional culture has been the world’s attention, the traditional silver jewelry and other ancient art aesthetic value will get greater promotion!

   In the exchange, anfu said: “the development of silver jewelry should start from the top-level design of values, from the macro to the edge, and from the vertical to the end of the development concept, it should have the connotation, mining the origin and history of” silver culture “silver jewelry, shaping the essence of silver jewelry culture.Cultural tourism as the focus, we need to have cultural creative patents, the red culture silver ornaments as a new market entry point, 100 family name culture, culture into the product, the product into life, establish a Chinese cultural influence, a brand story.

    Silver and Ann have a long history.Silver can detect sulfurous agents in food, but when hydrogen sulfide is present in the air, the silver loses its silvery sheen because it combines with H2S in the air to form black Ag2S.

    Legend wearing silver jewelry can ward off evil spirits, because silver is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, so since ancient times there has been a custom for children to wear silver jewelry, which is conducive to the elimination of the body “viviparous” and play the role of evil.Silver products in a certain range can produce a magnetic field, release a large number of silver ions, stimulate energy, with the effect of health care to the human body.Silver has germicidal function, had better wear silver ear nail when making ear hole so, with the bowl that silver makes will fill water, can assure water is not metamorphic, if skin canker disease also can use silver ion solution besmear ulcer place, can make most bacterium die.Silver ion has very strong antiseptic action, have profit very much to human body.It not only has economic value, beautiful and generous.The ancients said that the body with silver health and prosperity always accompany, this is not only because of its precious metal, in medicine, it is better than gold health efficiency.Use silver can detect food is poisonous, because silver and a lot of toxin can produce chemical reaction, make silver blacken, easy naked eye identifies.Silver has excellent antibiotic and sterilization effect. The average antibiotic can only affect 6 kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria.

In ancient times, there was a “ping ‘an silver ding”, which was the residence of the dignitaries. Now, there is a “bai ‘an silver ding”, which is beautifully designed, meaning the spiritual belief of baian and baianbaishun.Nowadays a lot of rich family bridal chamber is decorated in deserve to go up “plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum” silvery act the role of art to still be tasted, highlighting decorous with riches and honour, it is implied that the four seasons is safe and lucky.Human civilization is the crystallization of wisdom, culture is the sum of spiritual wealth and material wealth, actually contains the truth of humanities and social sciences.

The ancient tea-horse ancient road is a traditional transportation channel connecting domestic and foreign countries, as well as an economic and cultural exchange channel.If you know enough about the history of the ancient tea-horse road, you will find a phenomenon that the caravans walking on the ancient tea-horse road, in addition to carrying all kinds of goods, will also carry a few silver tableware, such as silver bowl, silver kettle and so on.

Tea horse ancient road along the way is mostly the trace of the mountains, jungle, caravans carrying supplies on the road, naturally inevitably attracted the robbers coveted.There are a lot of robbers in order to take away the caravan supplies, often in the way of the water poison, want to caravan poison after the caravan took goods, businessmen in order to the safety of life and property, each person with a few pieces of silver tableware, silver tableware after the first water test, confirmed that non-toxic before drinking water horse cooking.Therefore, in a long period of time, silver tableware was necessary for merchants to go out, not only as a symbol of status, but also to maintain the safety of life and property.

In datang economic prosperity, vast territory, the distribution of the silver is very wide also, vessels of silver, and the first earth head hairpin, item, earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, arm lock, foot ring, such as silver ornament, including set the treasure jade, agate inlaid with jade different process, fully reflects the silver production technology level and achievements in the tang dynasty, is a kind of symbol of civilization, as the representative of the history of the Chinese silver.

To the song and yuan dynasties, the production of silver gradually commercialized, only the royal aristocracy before the use of silver ornaments, began to spread in the folk wear, compared with the previous generation, this period of silver ornaments, whether content, pattern, or technical style, have undergone greater changes.Silver ornaments also gradually increased, the theme of a flower, pavilions, religious figures, and all kinds of decorative pattern, design, and poetic words, casting, carving, carving, welding process has been large increase, the design is novel, the silver and the song elegant, each of the pattern on the silver peace auspicious implies, is a “figure will be interested in, will be lucky”.

In the 21st century, zhonghua flourishing age will be a new round of silver jewelry development period, a new era, new concepts, new thinking, a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend.

Top management of donggu yunshang group has advanced consciousness and common inheritance idea with Ann culture research. It is our duty to serve the society, shape the soul with culture, and use the mode of Internet to drive the superposition of benefits.Guide consumption, create value and explore new fashion of silver ornaments.Will create silver culture, based on silver ornaments, set up a cultural benchmark, with a longer thinking.

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