Necklace/pendant is one of the earliest jewelry of human being,it is a sweet gift for female(for example,for birthday,for party,for graduation gift,for wedding,for engagement for wedding and so on),they will be very happy to receive it.


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In some extent,necklace/pendant can be divided into pendant type and necklace type.


A pendant is a prominent piece that worn around the neck .For diamond pendants,tourmaline pendants, pearl pendants, and crystal pendants and amber pendants,they are very common. Pendants usually do not exist in a piece, and it is usually worn around the neck with a string or a metal chain.Platinum and k gold are the most popular materials.
The necklace is a chain-shaped piece of jewelry that is made of gold, silver, jewels, etc., which is hung around the neck,gold necklaces, pearl necklaces and white gold necklaces are included.

A necklace is different from a pendant. The necklace can be worn directly on the neck and it is a separated piece of jewelry. The pendant must be matched with a rope or metal chain.
Pendants and necklaces are two different concepts, but they are closely related. Pendants can be matched with necklaces to create a unique pendant necklace jewelry. The combination of a platinum necklace and a diamond pendant is perfect, stylish and popular .It is a fashionable item for women. If you want to be unique, then you can contact us and find a delicate pendant necklace for yourself.


Here are some different kind of styles of necklace/pendant.


1st,necklace/pendant with Horsewhip chain马鞭链


Necklace/pendant with Horsewhip chain, the chain shape looks like horsewhip,it is strong and thick,so it is suitable for mature male.


2nd,necklace/pendant with Set chain套链


Necklace/pendant with Set chain, it is divided into single set of chains, double set of chains and three sets of chains,the style is simple and common necklace/pendant style,it is elegant and beautiful.


3rd,necklace/pendant with Square silk chain方丝链


Necklace/pendant with Square silk chain, is one of the most popular varieties in the market,necklace/pendant diameter is small,exquisite and delicate style for women to wear, which can show the women’ s delicate and soft beauty incisively and vividly.


For all this kind of necklaces/pendant,even for not mentioned styles above,customization is acceptable for us.We are CHINGYING JEWELRY.We provide customization service.


If you are looking for higher level necklaces/pendant,we suggest you select  gold necklaces/pendants with diamond customization service,it is more expensive and noble.If you are going to buy some cheaper necklaces/pendant for business,925 sterling silver necklaces/pendants with different kind of gemstones customization service would be favourable to you,you can get a good chance to show your beauty with a lower price.Of course,the price is defined by many factors,such as raw material,craftsmanship,labour, price of gold & silver and so on.If you want more information about customization service and our company,please contact us.


CHINGYING JEWELRY,as one of the most excellent leading jewelry manufacturers in Canton with 100 workers running 3 production lines, monthly capacity reaches 80000 pieces of jewelry,we have the in-house expertise and technology and innovation to provide you with any type of customized jewelry designs and mass productions you need,which can help build up your brand.We have 21 years experiences of jewelry and we use advanced imported machine from Japan & Germany,which sharpen up our technique and skill of product.we can make different kind of necklaces/pendant.We provide customization service,our price is more competitive than other factories/companies,of course,we can guarantee the high quality of our products but the price will be 30-50% cheaper ,which means we can make your own design ideas come to life in a short time with a lower price,so if you have your favourite design in your mind,You can just contact us and give us the sketch(or your idea), our 3-day CAD design service make sure that you can get what you want soon ,once the CAD process is set,things get easier,the customized product will be ready for you soon,what you should do is waiting for your present respectfully.


If you need helps , welcome to contact with us .



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