1.Sterling silver:

Sterling in the world usually is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal, usually copper. The hardness of copper is much greater than that of silver, so can make it possible for inlaid jewelry.

If Sterling silver exposed to the air, contact with perfume, make-up water or perspiration for a long time , they will naturally lose luster.

Silver is susceptible to chlorine and salt. avoid wearing silver jewelry when you use sterile water or bleach in the pool or hot tub.



Pure gold is very soft, which makes it unsuitable for jewelry design. In order to ensure hardness, it have to be combined with other metals.

There are four kinds of alloy gold jewelry, the standard implementation of strict, respectively 9CT, 14CT, 18ct and 22ct.



Gilded is a layer of gold on sterling silver. People will use 22ct gold plated silver, give the jewelry a very obvious warm yellow gold tone.


Pure gold or gold-plated jewelery will not be oxidized as silver, but it will also be easy get dirty, worn when they exposed to chemicals, lotions, perfumes and moist conditions.


Gilded may also be like new after use long time, it may also be slightly faded wear, it depends on your usual care.

Post time: Apr-12-2019