Diamond,which is known as one of the most popular gemstones,there is no doubt that it is the most precious gem in the world.Diamonds are religiously adored and feared, and it is the symbols of courage, power, status and dignity.But now it is becoming more and more popular as the society develops. The quality of a diamond depends on the diamond’s 4C standard,which includes the diamond’s carat, clarity, color, and cut. You can know if it is a perfect diamond by these principles.It is very useful.


The culture of diamonds has a long history,and it has clear color and perfect hardness,some people regard it as a symbol of love and loyalty.So people will buy wedding customized diamond rings and engagement customized diamond rings to show their pure and eternal love to each other.


Speaking of wedding customized diamond jewelries,I think everyone wants to find a reliable customized manufacturer,we can help you.We are CHINGYING JEWELRY manufacturer.We provide customization service.


If you are looking for higher level jewelries,we suggest you select customized gold jewelries with diamonds customized service,it is more expensive and showing noble.Of course,the price is defined by many factors,for example, material,craftsmanship,labour,and so on.If you want more information about customization service and our company,please contact us.


Here are some styles of diamond rings recommended.




1st,prong set type diamond customized ring


The prong set type diamond customized ring is to hold the diamond tightly with metal claws. The advantage of it is that the diamonds can be shown perfectly, making the diamond look bigger.




2nd,bezel set type diamond customized ring


The bezel type diamond customized ring is to seal the the girdle part of the diamond by the mental,and it prevents the diamond from falling off. which fully shows the brightness of the diamond, the radiance and restraint, and the peace and dignity.






3rd,channel set type diamond customized ring


The channel set type diamond customized ring is to insert the diamond into the hole,and then press the metal around the girdle of the diamond to fix the gemstone by various methods. The advantage of this style is that it can better protect the girdle of the gemstone,gem will be more stable and have a beautiful appearance.


For all this kind of jewelries,even for not mentioned styles above,customization is acceptable for us.


CHINGYING JEWELRY,as one of the most excellent leading jewelry manufacturers in Canton with 100 workers running 3 production lines, monthly capacity reaches 80000 pieces of jewelry,we have the in-house expertise and technology and innovation to provide you with any type of customized jewelry designs and mass productions you need,which can help build up your brand.We have 21 years experiences of jewelry and we use advanced imported machine from Japan & Germany,which sharpen up our technique and skill of product.we can make different kind of jewelries.We provide customization service,our price is more competitive than other factories/companies,of course,we can guarantee the high quality of our products but the price will be 30-50% cheaper ,which means we can make your own design ideas come to life in a short time with a lower price,so if you have your favourite design in your mind,You can just contact us and give us the sketch(or your idea), our 3-day CAD design service make sure that you can get what you want soon ,once the CAD process is set,things get easier,the custemed product will be ready for you soon,what you should do is waiting for your present respectfully.


If you need help , welcome to contact with us .


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