Generally, Asians like pure gold jewelries,and western people like mix other elements of K gold to better adapt to the process requirements, to make it a special design. From this point of view, Asians pay more attention to the wealth and materiality, while Westerners pay attention to its color and external beauty.


So Asian prefer buying the simple type of jewelries,we will not focus on the the quantity of gemstones/diamonds,we would like to choose the simple type with excellent craftsmanship,such as carving or logo on it,the material of the jewelries,we usually buy gold bangles and gold rings for our weddings,and we pay more attention to the quality of the jewelries and the reputation of the shop.We pursue elegance, pure, emphasizing harmony and introversion.



51349-xuping-imitation-jewellery-brass-material-golden Classic-6MM-AAA-Zircon-Square-Stud-Earrings Custom-Engraved-Jewelry-Fashion-Couple-Silver-Gold



But for western people,they tend to get the fashion and exaggerated jewelries,for example,the type of jewelries surrounded by gemstones,they believe in the birthstones,which is the lucky token in their culture.Of course,for those who is faithful to religion,the cross logo jewelries must be their prior option. They pursue objective and abstract beauty.






It seems that the Asian and western people have different aesthetics on jewelries,but in fact,that is not real,as the society develops,both Asian and western people are pursuing customized jewelries to show their personality,unique beauty.For this requirement,we can do you a favour,we are CHINGYING JEWELRY.We provide customization service.


Our price is more competitive than other factories/companies,of course,we can guarantee the high quality of our jewelry product but the price will be 30-50% cheaper ,which means we can make your own jewelry design ideas be a finished jewelry product in a short time with a lower price,so if you have your favourite jewelry design in your mind,you can just contact us and give us the jewelry sketch(or your idea), our 3-day CAD design service make sure that you can get what you want soon,once the CAD process is set,which means your product can be started to operate,because we have got the jewelry mounting of the custemized jewelry product,then we prepare the green wax of the jewelry product and polishing and casting,we will set the stones with hand-set in order to make sure that the stones are set firmly.Final polish and rhodium will be the final steps to make your jewelry product more charming and smooth.Finally,the finished product will be sent to QC department to have a professional check and adjust to make sure the product to our guests are 100% perfect.When all of these procedures have been finished,jewelry product will be ready for you soon,what you should do is waiting for your present respectfully.


If you find some problem of your jewelry product or if you have any jewelry question to ask,don’t worry,please do not hesitate to consult with us.Our after-sales service is waiting for you,so you can buy jewelry product or do business with us faithfully.


If you want to place an bulk order,you can trust our production-manufacturing ability,meanwhile,we can promise to keep the quality of each piece of jewelry.


If you need help , welcome to contact with us .




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