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Ruby Ring ODM OEM 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Israeli


This Ruby Ring ODM OEM 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Israeli is ordered by one of our customers who is from Israel, Peres. because he is very interested in ruby product. To him, it is precious and rare. What’s more, he believe most people will enjoy its beauty too.

This Ruby Ring is available in different sizes. A scrumptious cushion – cut ruby framed in sparkling diamond and luscious chocolate diamond lends spectacular color and brilliance to this Ruby Ring. Additional diamond and chocolate diamond line the 14K strawberry gold band, bringing the total diamond weight to 5/8 carat.

Ruby is the most precious of all gems. The hot red color of ruby makes people always associate it with passion and love, symbolizing the passion, beauty, eternity and steadfastness of love. Rubies of different colors come from different countries, but they also mean auspiciousness. And ruby is the best guide to give wishes to others.

People love ruby as a symbol of love, enthusiasm and virtue, and a symbol of glory. Legend has it that people wearing rubies will live a long and healthy life, love and family harmony. The international gemstone community has designated ruby as “July Birthstone”, which is a symbol of nobility, love, and benevolence.

In Europe, the royal family still uses ruby as a witness of marriage. In the international gem market, bright red rubies are “male rubies” and light reds are “female rubies”. A man who owns a ruby can master the power he dreams of, and a woman who owns a ruby can get eternal love.

Blood red rubies are most cherished by people, commonly know as “pigeon blood red”. Its bright red and beautiful color can be called the “crown of red gems”. What’s more, the magnificent and luxurious ruby is the king of gems, and its advantages surpass all gems. In some ancient books, rubies are “the most precious of the twelve gems that God created when he created everything.”

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Ruby Ring