Quartz Cat Pendant

Quartz Cat Pendant Lebanese Jewelry Wholesaler And OEM Service


Salam, he is a jewelry agency in Lebanon. And he has a different sense of launching jewelry. He prefers to ordering some animals/pets appearance jewelry. Because it is attractive and cute to him. This time he wants to create a Quartz Cat Pendant Lebanese Jewelry Wholesaler And OEM Service. It looks luxurious and precious.

A cat traced in sterling silver adorns this charming women’s Quartz Cat Pendant. Round diamonds fill the outline while a sleek smoky quartz adorns the face, to complete the look. The Quartz Cat Pendant has a total diamond weight of 1/20 carat and suspends from an 18 – inch box chain that secures with a lobster clasp.

Not only for its charming look, but for its magical usage. After all, smoky quartz is fascinating to everyone.

Smoky quartz has a strong magnetic field, which can strengthen the submarine wheel, increase motivation, and improve the analysis of things. It has a stable and peaceful effect on people who have fluctuating emotions, or who always feel that they can’t settle.

When it comes to people who are irritable, nervous or overactive, smoky quartz has a special stability and balance function. And it can help to properly analyze and make appropriate decisions in complex interpersonal relationships and situations. .

Smoky quartz can strengthen the function of the human immune system, make human cells more active, slow down the aging rate, and restore youthful vitality.

As the representative of stable crystal. Wearing the handball of Smoky quartz in your left hand can make you more stable, make the gas field settle, and then settle your thoughts.

In the busy work, wearing smoky quartz helps to clarify your thoughts, you can see the complex situation, and make the most efficient and direct reflection and treatment.

Smoky quartz represents tenacity, fortitude, restraint, and conviction. Wearing smoky quartz will help smooth the career and make it easy.

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Quartz Cat Pendant

Quartz Cat Pendant