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Jewellery Retail today and tomorrow

The jewellery retail landscape is fast evolving as consumer preferences change with the advent of digital platforms and shifting priorities. Jewellers should thus adjust their mindsets, offer experiential retail settings, and rebrand their products and themselves to remain relevant in the market. Jewellery retail is struggling. While some believe it will all blow over, others […]

Pino Aliprandini breaks new ground in electroplating

Pino Aliprandini’s Orbit 1 machine is arguably the first desktop electroplater to be fully controlled by a mobile app. The machine will be made available through a crowdfunding campaign in November. Pino Aliprandini is chalking up a number of firsts with its revolutionary electroplating machine, Orbit 1, which it previewed at the September Hong Kong […]

China’s gold consumption up 15.5% in Q3

Gold consumption in China increased by 15.5 percent in the first three quarters of 2017 on the back of stronger appetite for high-end gold products, data from the China Gold Association revealed.Demand for gold reached 815.89 tonnes, the association further disclosed. Purchases of gold bars surged 44.45 percent to 222.07 tonnes while gold jewellery sales […]