Moon Power Aquamarine Ring

Moon Power Aquamarine Ring Angolan ODM OEM 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry 


The shining Moon Power Aquamarine Ring Angolan ODM OEM 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry is a cool design of Manuel. Who is a great owner of a jewelry chain store in Angola.

A ring. A Moon Power Aquamarine Ring design that embraces aquamarine with a sparking diamond crescent. Crossing star motif that shines on the stone seat feels the craftsmanship star jewelry.

A mysterious sparkle that made use of the charm of stone was born. Please enjoy the sheen and brilliance of the stone that stands out because it is simple.

Add colorful glow to your fingertips.

Let us learn some information of aquamarine of the Moon Power Aquamarine Ring.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It produced on the bottom of the sea. And it is the essence of seawater. It has beautiful effects and meanings. When we buy aquamarine, we should understand the determinants of aquamarine price.

Firstly, the price of aquamarine depends on the color. If the color of aquamarine is more gorgeous and more blue, then the price is relatively high. Naturally occurring colors are not very uniform, except for it is synthetic ones.

Secondly, the price of aquamarine depends on the transparency. If the the transparency of aquamarine crystals is higher, the higher the price will be. Its crystals have impurities and flaws to some extent, which are traces left by nature.

Thirdly, the price of aquamarine depends on its contents. As usual, the aquamarine contains objects such as cotton wool and ice cracks. The fewer these impurities, the crystal is more transparent, and the price will be higher.

Last but not least, the price of aquamarine depends on the size. As you can imagine, the larger the size of the aquamarine, the higher the value of the collection as well as the price will be. Of course, it is assumed that it is under the same quality of aquamarine.

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Moon Power Aquamarine Ring

Moon Power Aquamarine Ring