Topaz/Amethyst/Peridot Bangle

Gem Bangle Saudi Arabian white gold ring


A Gem Bangle Saudi Arabian white gold ring is requested to be produced for one of our Saudi Arabian customers, Saud. He engages in launching some jewelries with colorful gemstones Ask you can image these blue topaz, purple amethyst, green peridot, which would be a perfect combination of gemstones.

This pretty Gem Bangle for her from the collection features round blue topaz, amethyst and peridot for a colorful look. Crafted of 14K yellow gold, what’s more, the Gem Bangle has a bark-like texture and it is easy to slip on or off.

The peridot shows a quite and peaceful feeling to people.

Not only The verdant green color always brings a coolness to people’s hearts during the hot summer. But people always love the Verdant peridot, which regarded as the “August Birthstone” .

As peridot is a long-established gem. And it first discover 3500 years ago on the island of Saint John in Goue.

Peridot is the national stone of ancient Egypt. Pharaohs and nobles love it. While it often decorated in temples and churches. And it became a symbol of identity and wealth.

People in ancient Rome called peridot the “jewel of the sun”. And they used it as an amulet. Moreover, people believed that the peridot had the power of the sun and could eliminate people’s fear of the night and drive out evil.

Peridot is bright and pleasing in color, giving people a sense of comfort and happiness. So it also knew as the “stone of happiness”. Internationally, peridot listed as the “August Birth Stone”, which symbolizes gentleness, smartness, happy family, and harmony between husband and wife.

There are many origins of peridot at home and abroad. For example, China, Brazil, Australia, Norway, Pakistan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, etc. These are famous original places of peridot. On the whole, peridot minerals are common. However, large, brilliant-colored peridot grains are rare.

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Topaz/Amethyst/Peridot Bangle Topaz/Amethyst/Peridot Bangle