Garnet Bolo Bracelet

Garnet Bolo Bracelet Iranians 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry ODM Factory


A professional jewelry company salesman from Iran. Hassan, he specializes in bracelet production. Because he believes that bracelet is a perfect gift for lady. And he is preparing for a gorgeous bracelet for the 2020. That is why he invited us to his company and discussed with us. Finally, we both agree that this Garnet Bolo Bracelet Iranians 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry ODM Factory is the best idea.

An oval rhodolite garnet encircled with round white topaz forms the eye – catching center of this chic bolo bracelet. Sterling silver loops on either side of the center accented in 10k rose gold and additional white topaz complete the look. The Garnet Bolo Bracelet has a wheat chain and adjusts up to 9 inches in length with a bolo clasp on this Garnet Bolo Bracelet .

Hassan would like to share some tips of how to buy a rhodolite from a shop.

First, The merchant must be required to issue a formal invoice. Such as a VAT invoice, including the product name, specification model, unit, quantity, unit price, amount, tax rate, tax amount; sales unit information (name, taxpayer identification number, address, telephone number, account opening) Lines and account numbers, etc., and stamp special invoices.

Second, the remarks of the identification certificate should be blank. And there should be no words such as optimization or processing.

Third, the certificate should have a stamp, and they are clearly written as a rhodolite. Rose stone refers to the crystal, it is not the rhodolite. So when you purchase, you must have a certificate to see in detail.

Forth, the larger the rhodolite is more valuable, the difference between the weight and the price of a difference of 10 times. Therefore, the purchase of more than 10,000 yuan of rhodolite should accurately measure the weight to avoid the false report of the weight of the business.

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Garnet Bolo Bracelet