Fluorite Moon Necklace Algerians white gold ring

Fluorite Moon Necklace Algerians white gold ring


The Fluorite Moon Necklace Algerians white gold ring is a fabulous jewelry. As we can see, it is an excellent jewelry design. Which is a new design from our long term jewelry partner, Bedoui. Who is from Algeria.

A Fluorite Moon Necklace with fluorite shining on the crescent moon with diamonds. Which can remind us of a peaceful night with moon and light. Simple design is also recommended for gifts.

How about sharing some knowledge of Fluorite Moon Necklace.

Fluorite often forms bulk shape, granular aggregates, or cubic and octahedral single crystals. There are various colors of it. Which mainly including purple, blue, green and colorless. It is transparent, glass luster with hardness of 4 and good cleavage. What’s more, It is easy to break along the cleavage plane into octahedral small pieces. And the relative density of it is 3.18.

Fluorite is an alkaline diluent. It is named because it emits light like a firefly when exposed to ultraviolet or cathode rays. But when fluorite contains some rare earth elements, it emits phosphorescence. That is to say, Fluorite can continue to emit light for a long time after leaving ultraviolet or cathode ray irradiation.

The proportion of phosphorescent fluorite production is small. In fact, most night pearls are made of fluorite. Because the crystals of fluorite are generally large, fluorite night pearls can be found in very large volumes.

More than 7000 years ago, Hemudu people in China used fluorite as decoration. Fluorite is often used because of its larger products and rich colors.

The fluorite can be made of various jewelry, but its hardness is low. Please do not wear it with natural crystals when wearing. Crystals can scratch fluorite.

Fluorite has low hardness and brittleness. Generally, you need to pay attention to avoid severe collision.

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Fluorite Moon Necklace Algerians white gold ring

Fluorite Moon Necklace Algerians white gold ring