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Diamond Necklace Blue/Black Jordanese Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacture


Hani, a famous jewelry company wholesaler in Jordan. You have to admire what he is capable of when it comes to jewelry industry. As he is bold and dare to match different precious diamonds to be inlaid in a jewelry. This is how the impressive Diamond Necklace Blue/Black Jordanese Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacture created.

This geometric Diamond Necklace features three triangles – one each in black diamonds, sparking white diamonds, and blue diamonds – for a unique look. Moreover, styled in sterling silver, the necklace has a total diamond weight of 1/4 carat, and suspends between a 16.25 – inch cable chain that secures with a spring ring clasp. Blue diamonds and black diamonds are treated to permanently create the intense blue and black colors.

And Hani knows that people must be loving the blue diamond on the Diamond Necklace.

Beauty of art

The color of the blue diamond is extremely beautiful. If you explore this blue diamond, you can see a deep blue color like the ocean. What’s more, in the sun, this blue color will emit a faint light.

Unparalleled love

The hardness of the blue diamond symbolizes the unwavering love. And each blue diamond is unique, not only it symbolizes the irreplaceable person in the hearts of lovers, but it means unparalleled love.

Noble quality

If a gem used to describe the recognition of a person, then it can be expressed by diamonds. The diamonds are crystal clear, elegant and refined, symbolizing purity and truth, loyal and brave, and representing the noble qualities of people. The rarity of blue diamonds symbolizes the scarcity of this precious quality.

Unwavering attitude

After experiencing a long period of geology, even if the external environment changes, the blue diamond still maintains its eternal precious nature, and no substance can change it. It will pass on forever in our hands and continue to convey that to the world. Quiet and pure blue.

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Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace