Citrine Bolo Bracelet

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As an extraordinary jewelry salesman in Syria, Nader, he does a great job for his leader role. And he is very good at finding incredible jewelry. He believes that the citrine is a good – looking gem for most of people. So he asked us to make this Citrine Bolo Bracelet OEM Wholesale Factory Syrian.

Alternating round an oval citrine lend warm color to the center of this Citrine Bolo Bracelet for her. Crafted of 10K yellow gold, the wheat chain sides slide easily through the adjustable bolo clasp for lengths up to 9 inches. This is an azmaing Citrine Bolo Bracelet.

Nader is very satisfied with the citrine used in this jewelry.

In the eyes of Westerners, citrine worn as a talisman. It is able to ward off evil and exorcism, so people can eliminate sorrow and enhance confidence.

China has a long history of understanding and using citrine. Citrine is a mid-range gemstone with beautiful colors, it is very popular among people. Many countries have set citrine as the “born stone in November”, which is a symbol of friendship.

Citrine is a representative stone of yellow gemstones. Citrine is mostly yellow, but also has light green, light blue, pink and so on. The red high quality citrine is very precious. Under the illumination of the moonlight, the yellow light of the citrine.

Yellow represents the thriving, symbolizing wealth! Maintenance: It needs to be immersed in the salt water for 1 day after filtering for a short time. If you pray that you will use your defensive to declare your wish and put it on your face, you will be able to use the singularity of the roots when you use it for a long time. At the same time, citrine and the powder crystal can attract the arrival of sweet love, and can also lift people. Unpleasant negative emotions turn it into an optimistic positive attitude.

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Citrine Bolo Bracelet Citrine Bolo Bracelet Citrine Bolo Bracelet