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What do you think if a gemstone with changeable color. It must be unbelievable and incredible. What if it is inlaid on the bracelet? Obviously, we can not image how excellent it is. A Bahrain jewelry company manager, Isa, he shows us this type of perfect jewelry. Alexandrite Bracelet Bahrainese Jewelry Manufacturer, OEM Jewelry, a recent order from them. It shows us how perfect this jewelry is.

Oval Alexandrites are joined by diamond-accented S-shaped links of sterling silver in this elegant Alexandrite Bracelet for her. The Alexandrite Bracelet is securely fastened with a lobster clasp.

Let’s talk about this Alexandrite.

Alexandrite is an expensive gem that is worth collecting. Many people don’t know what Alexandrite is. Because it is hard to get this kind of gem in the market, but It is beautiful.

In ancient China, Alexandrite also called “Zicuiyu” and “Shifu”. This gem is one of the five most precious gems in the world, and it is a variant of aquamarine.

This gem can show different color changes under different light. If it is under fluorescent light, most of the color of the altered stone is gray-green, blue-green and light green. But if it is illuminated by artificial light, the color of Alexandrite will become red and fuchsia.

There are many colorful gems, but not many of them can change color. What’s more, the chance of buying a Alexandrite in the market is very small. It appeared once in November 2016. The gem that appeared at that time weighed 203 carats, and it is also the largest Alexandrite in history. You know, it ’s rare that a gem is more than five carats. The heaviest thing in gem history is only 43 carats and 27.5 carats.

Finally, what kind of gem is Alexandrite? We can draw a conclusion that this is a gem with high price, high collection value, and low output. It has extremely amazing color changes. The color of different light is different, which affects Alexandrite’s price is its color change effect.

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Alexandrite Bracelet Alexandrite Bracelet